PP-159 Campaign Support

Dare To Struggle, Dare to Win

Elections in Pakistan are an expensive game, and the wealthy and powerful often control the outcome through their financial might. While we may not have the same amount of money, we’re confident that our People-Driven Political Campaign can outmatch them in spirit, coordination, and dedication. However, to sustain this energy and make our campaign a reality, we still need to raise significant funds and we can't  do this alone. We need the support of those within Pakistan, the diaspora and beyond. 

The diaspora in particular plays an essential role in this endeavor as they not only provide critical financial support, but also a unique perspective and connection to both cultural roots and adopted communities. Their support will not only aid us in reaching our fundraising goal, but also serve as a symbol of unity and solidarity in our mission to bring change to Pakistan’s political landscape.

Here are a few ways you can help:


Contact Shan Ali Khan (Treasurer, HKP USA; Pakistan Solidarity Forum, Coordinator, DMV chapter)

+1 817-714-3746


GoFundMe:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/hkp-campaign-for-pp159

Venmo:  @shankhan15

Zelle:  817-714-3746


Contact Ameem Lutfi (Pakistan coordinator) 

Account Name: Ameem Lutfi

Silk Bank 

Account Number: 01222010642607 

Jazz Cash/Easy Paisa: 03108367860